Yoga Online – Live Classes

•Monday: 19:00-20:30, Hatha Yoga (all levels)
•Tuesday: 07:00-08:15, Sunrise Yoga (all levels)
       20:00-21:15, Raja Yoga / Meditation
•Wednesday: 19:00-20:30, Hatha Yoga (all levels)
•Thursday: 07:00-08:15, Sunrise Yoga (all levels)
         20:00-21:15, Raja Yoga / Meditation
•Friday: 19:00-20:30, Hatha Yoga (all levels)

Experience a relaxing and healing Yoga program straight from your home, wherever in the world that is:

  • you will connect with Avi, the yoga teacher via internet and he will guide your practice (all you need is a steady internet connection and a smartphone/tablet/laptop with an web cam)
  • you don’t need to spend time in traffic, make an appointment, carry your yoga equipment and then, all zen and relaxed start all over again the journey in the traffic to your place
  • you can be anywhere in the world and join your favorite class. Even if you are travelling and still don’t want to miss your yoga practice, you can connect from everywhere

US, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Austria, France, Belgium etc. – people all over the world are already attending this weekly online yoga class, sharing the same need for a professional yoga class in the comfort of their homes.

An ongoing class is happening right now every Tuesday, 6 PM GMT (8 PM Bucharest time)

Contact Avi and register to this class or find out what other online live classes there are.

  • facebook – Satyananda Yoga with Avi

And if you want to start practicing some of the meditation and relaxation techniques, visit his recordings in the shop section of this site.

Teacher: Avi

(Avisek Majumdar)



Connection: An easy to access and use video conferencing platform will be indicated to you after registering to the class, together with all the necessary details: how connect, how to arrange your yoga mat in front of the web cam (smartphone, tablet, laptop)


Equipment: comfortable, yet decent clothes; yoga mat / big towel; smartphone / tablet /laptop charged and with a stable internet connection; enough privacy and isolation from other people, pets or sources of noise that might disturb your practice


Where: At your place, your hotel, your friend’s house 🙂 wherever you are in the world. The teacher will guide your yoga practice through a video connection.


Duration: 80 minutes, weekly


Subscription: 120 lei /aprox 25 euros  for 4 consecutive sessions (1 month) – easy payment with Revolut


Enrollment: email to or write your contact details bellow:

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