Individual Yoga Therapy

Healing is an outcome of harmony. Individualized Yoga therapy embraces this principle and uses a wide variety of Yogic tools and techniques to restore the lost harmony.
Yoga therapy sessions can last from a single session to series of sessions addressing the various needs of the body, mind and emotion.


How do I know if Yoga therapy is right for me?

Yoga therapy addresses a wide range of body and mind disbalances. If you are facing a health condition like back pain, mobility issues, asthma, diabetes, overweight, insomnia, heart issues, problems with immunity, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of concentration or fatigue then yes, Yoga therapy is right for you.


Depending on your needs, the teacher creates a personal program to be followed during the private one on one sessions and at home, supported with audio visual materials.

Duration of a session can vary between 60 min and 90 min.


Avisek Majumdar

Prakriti School of Yoga, Strada Luceafărului Nr 1-3, Dumbrăvița

1 session = 120 lei

Every Thursday, 14:00 – 18:00

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