Satyananda Yoga group class – beginner level

Join the Satyananda Yoga class for beginners to get familiar with the traditional teachings! In this class, we are practicing asanas – physical postures, pranayama – breathing practices, and meditation – focus and peace of mind.


The beginner class is your first step into a Yogic lifestyle. Anyone can take part regardless of age and physical condition.


Contact persons: Sn. Mangaldharma (Avi) – 0723 347 206, Antonia Rasovan – 0722 541 475



Avisek Majumdar


Antonia Rosovan

Prakriti School of Yoga, Strada Luceafărului Nr 1-3, Dumbrăvița

1 session = 30 lei
8 sessions = 170 lei (valid for 5 weekends)

Every Thursday, 18:45 – 20:15

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