Sn. Mangaldharma (Avisek Majumdar)
I was born in the Eastern part of India and was initiated early in the childhood into the practice of Mantra Yoga. I chose to devote myself to learning the science of yoga under the direct guidance of Sw. Niranjanananda Saraswati at Bihar School of Yoga, India.
I am now here to guide your journey into yoga and share the teachings that brought light into my life.
Born in the Eastern part of India, in the city of Chittaranjan, close to Kolkata, Avisek was initiated early in his childhood into the practice of Mantra Yoga by Sw. Gahananandaji Maharaj (President of Rama Krishna Mission, Belur Math).
After he completed his formal education in Electronics and Communication Engineering, he devoted himself to learning the science of yoga under the direct guidance of his Guru, Sw. Niranjanananda Saraswati at Bihar School of Yoga, India. He was initiated into Karma Sanyasa and was given the spiritual name Mangaldharma by his Guru, Swami Niranjanananda Sarawati.

Sn. Mangaldharma is also a certified Yoga Teacher from Sivananda Ashram, Kerala, India. He holds a diploma in Ayurvedic Massage from International Yoga Vedanta Center, Kerala & First Aid course from St John Ambulance, New Delhi, and ‘Diploma in Thai Foot Reflexology’ from Thai Massage School of Chang Mai, Hong Kong.
He has conducted wellness workshops for different governmental and non-governmental organisations and offered yoga classes for citizens of different nationalities during his stay in Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, China, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius, India & Romania.

Sn. Mangaldharma offers yoga classes in Timisoara and Bucharest, Romania, on a regular basis and conducts yoga & wellness workshops in different places, in Romania and abroad.
Karuna Tirtha (Cristina Lorincz)
One of the most experienced students of Prakriti School of Yoga, Karuna Tirtha has been learning Yoga with Sn Mangaldharma since 2008. In the past years she has traveled several times to the Bihar School of Yoga ashrams in India. She has received initiation into Mantra (2011) and into Jignasu Sannyasa (2012) from Swami Niranjananada Saraswati.
Karuna Tirtha (Cristina Lorincz)
In 2014, for 6 months she attended the Yogic studies 1 course, coordinated by Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe. This experience deepened her understanding about the base practices of yoga.

Her inclination towards the science of mantras made her follow the Mantra, Havan and Swara retreat held in Rikhiapeeth Ashram, in July 2016.

The mantra chanting and the kirtan rehearsals coordinated by Karuna Tirtha are suited for everybody who wants to experience another branch of yoga – named bhakti yoga. One of the focus of the practices of this branch is to express and channel your emotions in a positive way.
Sn. Kantirupa (Antonia Rasovan)
Antonia started practicing Satyananda Yoga in 2011 with Sn. Mangaldharma (Avi). Right from the first class she knew that this path will be one to follow.
Sn. Kantirupa (Antonia Rasovan)
With dedication and determination she continued her journey of exploring yoga through trips to the Satyananda Yoga Ashrams in India every year, where she participated in yoga classes and she lived the yogic lifestyle.
In 2012 she got mantra initiation from Swami Niranjanananda. In 2016 she followed the Satyananda Yoga Instructor course in the Satyananda Ashram from Greece, where she imbibed the values of the Satyanada Yoga system. In 2017 she got initiated in Karma Sanyasa.

Now, Antonia (Kantirupa, as per her spiritual name) is spreading the knowledge that she accumulated in all these years in the various classes that she is holding in Timisoara.


Prakriti School of Yoga has the privilege to invite multiple senior yoga teachers (acharyas) to conduct workshops on a wide range of topics. We are thankful to the following teachers who have visited our center in Timisoara / Bucharest and shared their knowledge & inspiration with the Romanian students.

Swami Mudrarupa Saraswati
Doctor, yoga therapist and teacher of the Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe.
Swami Mudrarupa Saraswati
As a disciple of Swami Niranjananda, he lived in India for ten years, where he was a teacher at Bihar Yoga Bharati, the first yoga academy in the world.

As a highly qualified therapist and doctor, he combines the methods of western healing with the ancient knowledge of yoga and ayurveda. Swami Mudrarupa is not only a learned teacher but also an attractive personality, whose equanimity and sparkling sense of humor instantly wins everybody’ hearts.
Swami Omgyanam Saraswati
Satyananda Yoga teacher who serves her guru’s mission as a sannyasin. She teaches tantric meditation and yoga nidra at an advanced level.
Swami Omgyanam Saraswati
She gained her experience in India where, as a disciple of Swami Niranjananda, she was a teacher at Bihar Yoga Bharati, the first yoga academy in the world.

At present she guides the Satyananda Yoga Centre in Belgrade together with Swami Mudrarupa and she is also member of the teaching staff to Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe. She is a teacher endowed with a fascinating personality, who inspires both with her modesty and immense experience.
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