I was born in India, growing up in the middle of the yoga and mindfulness culture. I started my spiritual education in early childhood, first trying to distract my mother from her daily practice :), going through a long path of learning and practicing under the guidance of great spiritual mentors from the tradition of Bihar School of Yoga/Satyananda Yoga. After continuing my spiritual practice in parallel with the academic studies in Electronics & Telecommunication, I chose another type of engineering to be my purpose in life –’spiritual engineering’.

Since then I spent my time in finding ways to inspire people increase their wellbeing from within. Combining the knowledge and long practice from important Eastern disciplines (traditional yoga, Ayurveda, reflexology) I am currently conducting wellness & mindfulness programs in organisations and for the past 15 years I have been offering traditional yoga & meditation classes for students of different nationalities during his stay in Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, China, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius, India, Portugal & Romania.

I live in Romania where I’ve founded ‘Prakriti School of Yoga’ and “Conscious Living Romania”, offering regular yoga classes & corporate workshops in Romania (Bucharest, Timisoara & Cluj-Napoca) and other countries.

My guidance comes mainly from my spiritual masters, directly descending from lineage of Swami Satyananda. I am also trained with various body-mind teachers and in various approaches, including Non Violent Communication, Transactional Analysis and meditation.

Every year I am going back to India to be inspired directly by the great masters in adapting the ancient science of the balanced life to the needs and understanding of the modern western world. Join me in my next spiritual expedition!


Avisek Majumdar

(Sn. Mangaldharma)

Avi's yoga activity
yoga teacher

Dana Kiss

(Durga Shakti)

The kind and mindful Satyananda way of yoga was just what I was looking for when I first joined Avi’s classes in 2010. Slowly but steadily, a whole world of practices and approaches opened up, proving beyond doubt the benefit of this ancient pursuit in our modern way of life, in all aspects: physical, emotional, mental and beyond, because the search for meaning and truth is a timeless calling of the human spirit.

My love for philosophy makes me a life-long student in the subject of human potential and my passion for meaningful travel guided me to India (3 times so far, and counting!).

As an instructor in training, I started teaching by offering short yoga sessions during lunchtime breaks and afterwards continued since 2018 with longer evening classes in the welcoming atmosphere of Prakriti School of Yoga in Dumbravita.

My classes focus on self-observation and uplifting through basic yoga practices, which, done regularly, can take any person a long way.

Tamara Nistor

My passion for yoga started 14 years ago while living in USA,  when I started reading and practicing yoga in a studio and at home.

In 2014 I discovered Satyananda Yoga at Prakriti School, I was a new mom and it was a perfect fit for me, it was my time with me, it was easy, relaxing and it had its magic on me. I started integrating yoga more and more into my life and it became my life style.

In 2016 I experimented yoga in its birthplace India, at the ashram of Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, where I attended Raja Yoga course and I also got my mantra initiation.

Since then I knew that I wanted to share the benefits that I experienced with as many people as I can.

In 2018, asked by friends, I started teaching yoga and I got certified to teach Yoga for children and teenagers. I became a yoga educator with a trauma informed focus with YogaEd USA and started teaching yoga in after schools and also in a private school in Timisoara.

Learning is also one of my passions, since I know myself and because with years I experienced many benefits of Yoga Nidra, in 2021 I became a Satyananda Yoga Nidra authorized instructor and started sharing this deep relaxation practice with those around me.

Florin Valcu


I have started practicing yoga in 2008, being a regular at Sn. Mangaldharma’s classes beginning with 2010.
It started as a curiosity, physical practice I wanted to try. Being predominantly a rational guy who needed to understand everything with the mind, I was reluctant at first to get deeper into yoga sciences, but gradually, as I experimented the benefits, something changed.

I visited India in 2013, for World Yoga Convention. I followed an inner impulse and got my mantra initiation from Swami Niranjananda. Since then I have returned for another two or three times, to complete courses such as Raja Yoga 1 or Yoga Chakra and to experience ashram life. Step by step a whole ocean of knowledge unfolded just before my eyes and I was left with one question: how do I make all this approachable by every day individual, such as myself and others? Since then I am striving to include yoga as a life style, first of all for myself and for anybody interested in such journey. It is always about a balanced and simple set of practices with maximum positive effects. 

As instructor in training I structured my classes around a central theme, such as relaxation or physical improvement, keeping in mind the accessibility for everyone, the needs and the benefits for our current lifestyle.

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