Relax. Rejuvanate. Restore, India

25th September- 5th October, 2024

The Promise:

This retreat will be nothing similar to any of my previous Yoga & Ayurveda retreat in South India. The three words that differentiate this retreat from the rest are “Relax. Rejuvenate. Restore”.

Embark on a transformative journey to Kerala, a.k.a. ‘God’s Own Country’, this oasis of rejuvenation and relaxation waiting to be explored, where leisure and luxury redefine the traditional Yoga & Ayurveda experience.

Unlike any other, this retreat is an invitation to pamper yourself in a lead back bohemian lifestyle blended with Ayurvedic therapies, under the skillful medical supervision of Ayurvedic doctors and enjoy slow paced Satyananda Yoga at the beach.

The trip is unfolding two stages:

First, immerse yourself in a seven-night retreat of Ayurveda & Yoga at the exquisite Ayurvedic Beach Resort in Kovalam. Indulge in Sattvic cuisine and daily Ayurvedic therapies amidst the breathtaking beauty of the coastal surroundings.

Then, elevate your experience on the 8th night as we set sail aboard a luxurious houseboat in Alleppey. These floating marvels rival the grandeur of five-star resorts, boasting opulent interiors and panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling glass windows that offer unhindered view of the mesmerizing backwaters in all their splendor.

Surrender to the allure of Kerala’s serene landscapes and unparalleled hospitality, where each moment promises to be a celebration of indulgence and bliss.

Through compassionate exploration of our physical and emotional limitations, coupled with mindful practices, we can cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.


*Travel details:

Your financial investment is of 2,150 euro, with an early bird of 1,950 euro, when paid until the 15th of July.

The investment includes: all therapies and services (yoga & ayurveda experiences), meals, accommodation (twin shared basis in a 4-star ayurvedic beach resort), EXCEPT the international flights & visa.

Mt. Kailash Spiritual Voyage  16 July – 31- July 2024

They say the journey to Mount Kailash is a once in a lifetime spiritual voyage.

Join me in this sacred pilgrimage to one of the most sacred sites on Earth – Mount Kailash, the place where heaven meets earth and the divine is palpable in every moment.

Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, Mount Kailash stands as a beacon of spiritual energy and enlightenment. This is a meticulously curated trip that will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the spiritual vibe of ‘Shiva Consciousness’.

Traverse the sacred kora, a circumambulation around Mount Kailash, believed to cleanse the soul and bestow blessings upon pilgrims. Feel the palpable energy as you trek alongside fellow seekers, guided by seasoned experts who will share the myths, legends, and spiritual significance of this sacred pilgrimage.

The entire journey can be considered as a continuous flow through different realms of meditation.
To deepen your spiritual experience you will be exposed to several sessions of Yoga, Meditation, contemplation and fire rituals as part of our daily routine.

Our all-inclusive package ensures your comfort and safety throughout the journey, with expert guides, comfortable accommodations, and wholesome meals that nourish both body and soul.

To know further details and reserve your spot for this spiritual voyage please drop me a DM.
Om Namaha Shivaya

Ayurvedic detox & Yoga retreat, Mysore India from 15th January through 27th Jan 2023

Would you like to start the year 2023 with a deep Ayurvedic
detox & Yoga retreat where you will immerse yourself in
authentic Ayurvedic healing therapies under the supervision
of some of the best Ayurvedic doctors and therapists from
South India?
These 12 days Ayurvedic detox & Yoga retreat will be from
on 15th January through 27th Jan 2023.
May be contemplating on these questions will be of help
  • Who will you be if your body is resistant to fatigue?
  • What can you achieve if you have higher immunity to stress?
  • Who will you become if you are free from mental fog and tiredness?
  • How will you function if there is a sharp increase in your clarity and creativity?
  • How will your participation to life be if your vitality and vigour increase to an optimal level?These are some of the areas we will be addressing in this retreat as you will go through inner transformation at the Ayurvedic Detox & Yoga Retreat.


For more than 3000 years Ayurveda & Yoga has assisted people to reach their optimal potential.

This edition of Ayurvedic Detox and Yoga Retreat will offer you the same by taking you through individualised Ayurvedic Detox program under the supervision of Ayurvedic Doctors, well trained and experienced therapist along with daily yoga & meditation classes.



First part – first 10 days we will be residing at* the Ayurvedic Medical Resort, where we will immerse into ayurvedic & yogic practices along with participating in cultural program and sightseeing of indian heritage. 

Second part – last 2 days we will be staying at* a luxury jungle resort and we will explore into the* reserve forest through land safari and river safari. 



The retreat will take place in the green city of Mysore, located in the foothills of Chamundi hills, where* tradition is preserved in its authentic form. Mysore was named “the city of palaces” and is one of the most flamboyant cities in the country, being is famous for its royal heritage, intricate architecture, famed silk, sarees, yoga and sandalwood. 

For the jungle lodge we will travel near to Rajiv Gandhi Natational Park on the banks of river Kabini viewing the wildlife. The kabini river runs between Bandipur and Nagarahole National parks, at the foot hill of western Ghat in Southern India. The forest covers 1500 sq Km.



• Destinations: Mysore & Kabini

• Daily Ayurvedic doctor consultation

• Daily Ayurvedic Treatment.

• Daily Yoga consultation

• Ayurveda / Yoga workshop

• Daily Morning & afternoon Yoga Class

• Visit to Mysore Palace

• Visit to Chamunda hills

Classical dance immersion.

• Vedic Chanting immersion.

• Cooking Class

• Workshop self-Ayurveda masaj

• Organic Farm Visit


Avisek Majumdar

Trip includes

• Accommodation (luxury cottage/ Delux)

• Breakfast lunch dinner

• Doctor consultation

• All the Ayurveda therapies

• All the group yoga sessions

• Domestic transports, airport pick up and drop off

• Participation to all the cultural events.

Trip doesn’t Include:

• Flight tickets to and from India

• Visa expenses

• Any personal expenses

• Anything that is not mentioned in “Trip Includes” section.




You can choose the ‘Standard’ Ayurveda package which will have certain number of therapies during your stay or ‘premium’ package with a wide variety of therapies that will be offered to you during your stay.

Regarding accommodation – You can choose from twin shared Deluxe rooms or twin shared Cottages.

Option A – Standard Ayurveda + Deluxe 

Option B – Standard Ayurveda + Cottage

Option C – Premium Ayurveda + Deluxe

Option D – Premium Ayurveda + Cottage 




  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Follow up Consultation every day
  • Accommodation for 10 nights
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • 5 sessions of Abhyanga & swede
  • 2 sessions Laghu Dhara
  • 2 sessions of basti
  • 2 sessions of beauty therapies
  • 10 sessions of Yoga
  • 2 sessions of cooking class
  • 3 sessions of Ayurvedic talk
  • Cultural program – Indian Classical Music
  • Sight seeing to Chamunda Hills and Mysore Palace.


Standard Ayurveda Package + the following treatments

  • 5 sessions of Abhyanga & swede
  • 1 session of Dhanyamladhara
  • 1 session Laghu Abhyanga
  • 2 sessions of laghu Udwarthana
  • 1 session of Netra Tarpana



Upon arrival we all will travel together by road for 3.5 hrs to Mysore, where we will be staying for 1o days for the Ayurveda retreat. On the 11th day we will travel by road for 4hrs from Ayurveda retreat center to the Jungle lodge. On 27th january, we wll travel by road for 5 hrs from the jungle lodge to Bangaluru airport. 

So if you are travelling from romania, you can travel with me or separately, just to keep in mind to book your flights in such a way that you land to Bangaluru airport by 6am, jan 15th. 

If you are flying from other cities in Europe or us, you can meet us either in Doha/Istanbul (most likely we will have a stopover in Doha/Istanbul) and continue to fly with us in the same flight to Bangaluru.  



To register please send an email @ or what’s app +40723347206 with your purpose for this trip and if you have any medical condition.

Registration will be confirmed upon advance payment of 400 Euro, which is fully refundable till 1st December.

India retreat with Avi - Ayurveda Medicine & Yoga

India retreat with Avi - Safari in Kabini