Antar Darshan – Explore your Emotion (18 min)



Practice recommendation:

Anyone and every one can do this practice for emotional well-being. To get the optimum benefit from the practice it’s recommended to do this practice in the evening after you have finished your daily obligations. Regularity is outmost important in achieving success in any meditation practice.

Important notice: Please save the files to your computer (do not play them in your browser) so you can listen the audio lessons whenever you need at your own convenience.

Antar darshan is a meditative technique, may be the most appropriate to deal with emotions. It allows us to get to know our feelings and emotions in relation to ourselves and how they reveal themselves in our days to day life through various interactions with one another.

“In order to handle emotional upheavals there is the practice of Antar Darshan. For thoughts we have antar mouna, inner silence, and for emotion we have Antar Darshan, vision of the inner self. These are meditative techniques which can help us gradually recognize the association of the mind and the harmonize them.

In Antar Darshan we become aware of the feelings or emotions. We go to their roots. Why it is happening? Is it rajasic (dynamic), is it tamasic (inertia)? Is it sattwic (balanced)? Awareness has to develop. Do I have the ability to willfully alter the course, the flow of that emotion? Do I have the voluntary control to stop it from affecting me or other person? It is an expression of our in depth awareness. Antar Darshan is the observation of the interaction of the human evolution with logic.” – Swami Niranjan.

Every thought that comes is associated with a feeling or a group of feelings. Antar darshan is recognizing those feelings, one by one, and following the feeling back to its source.


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