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Yoga Therapy
The journey into Yoga is different for every one of us. With this in mind, I am inviting you to private yoga sessions. Think of this private practice as the time you give yourself to grow, the therapy your soul is seeking.
Beginner Yoga Class
Every week, we meet and practice together with the guidance of our teachers. We share our energies and we learn to listen to our bodies and minds. The beginner practice is welcoming for everyone starting to explore yoga.

Avi (Avisek Majumdar)

(Sanyasi Mangaldharma)

Satyananda Yoga

Satyananda Yoga is an internationally renown integral yoga system based on the teachings propagated by an important lineage of teachers from India. It incorporates practices derived from ancient sources, presented to the modern society in a practical and scientific form.

Karuna Tirtha

(Cristina Lorincz)

Sn. Kantirupa

(Antonia Rasovan)

Classes in Bucharest

Satyananda Yoga for beginners & Individual Yoga Therapy

Classes in Timisoara

Satyananda Yoga – beginner & intermediate level

Classes in Cluj-Napoca

Satyananda Yoga – beginner & intermediate level


Retreats, seminars and workshops

You had a hard day. Have some time for you!
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Outdoor Wellness

Participation to any of our Outdoor Wellness events surely gives you the chance to rediscover, reconnect and revive yourself in the most natural way.

Ganga Darshan Ashram

The ashram is situated in a beautiful area, on the top of a hill overlooking the Ganges, in Munger, Bihar, North India.

Rikhiapeeth Ashram

If Munger is a place of training and study, Rikhia is a center of seva, or selfless service.