Your energy matters and will shape you today

Before diving into the topic, let me make one thing crystal clear – your energy can be converted to matter and vice versa. In other words the material world around you is the manifestation of your energy field.

Intellectual minds usually has a huge appetite for information. If you are one of those who are hungry for information, let me serve you with some facts that are pronounced over thousand of years by Himalayan civilization through yoga and various other eastern philosophies. Now if you are skeptical and have trouble in digesting oriental information then know that even the modern neuroscience is echoing the similar phrases post research on mind & matter.

‘Yatha drusthi, tatha shristi’

This is a Sanskrit verse from Puranas, oldest scriptures from Indian subcontinent, meaning ‘we become what we think’. And this was not promoted as tag line for positive psychology ten thousands year back. This was a practical philosophy practiced since age immortal.

Let me walk you through how you can make this info soluble into your consciousness. One of the easiest way to comprehend the meaning of any Sanskrit verses is to look deeper into the nomenclature of the words.

A key word used in the verse is ‘Drusthi’, a casual transition will be focusing/ gazing on the goal.
Please don’t confuse Drusthi with casual imagining/ thinking. Drusthi means holding visualization without any form of mental oscillation for an extended period of time when the visualized object becomes as clear as an object we would see with our eyes open.

In eastern spiritual philosophy there is a concept where the meditation symbol ‘manifest’ in front of the meditator and we call it – Darshan.

Darshan takes place as an outcome of concentrated prolonged focus on one object.

Now leaving the philosophy aside, can we simply find a way to implement a version of this technique or similar technique to create our material reality?
The answer is of course yes!

So how do we go about it?

Well, I am sure you understand or at least you are aware of this simple fact that our thoughts are shaping our reality. But we must also understand it’s our emotions which has even an upper hand in influencing our reality. Often an untrained mind revolves around those thoughts which supports the present existing emotions. Our emotions in other words keep our thoughts in an orbit which might be a familiar pattern of perceiving life or behavior.

A transformative progressive approach needs to be implemented if the intention is to refine the emotions so to influence our energy investment in creating our reality.

There is a practice originating in yoga that I noticed works very well to offer this desired outcome – Antar Darshan.

Often we avoid rolling ourselves and get our hands into our own emotional mesh. For many it’s an uncomfortable experience where the past traumas and rough memories surfaces or we feel blurry in a cloud of mixed emotions and feelings.

Antar Darshan is a simple meditative practice where we learn to witness the emotions without any active engagement with them. You might wonder, if I am not actively involve in my own emotional soup then how can I resolve them.

Well, our emotions just like muddy water need to be precipitate not stirred up. This is the first stage of the practice. Eventually when we learn and can experience an emotional state where the turbulence has reduced to an extent we move to the second stage of the practice – ‘positive rumination’, reliving those unprocessed or disturbing emotions that we accumulate from day to day interactions. But this time with more observation skills and getting biased by our ego or emotional filters.

This practice brings us an understanding about our favorite emotion and how we add filters in majority of interactions.
In advance stages of the practice which is where alchemy takes place – we learn our own emotional response towards ourselves.
Once we get to know how we connect with ourselves emotionally, our own emotional vocabulary, reprogramming becomes an easy task.
A reprogrammed emotional flux influences drastically the thought current in our mind. A mind which is synchronized with the emotional flux becomes as powerful as nuclear power to fuel our focus/ aspirations. Such a mind can manifest matter, recreate their own desired reality. Even the universe becomes an obedient servant to such mind.

All it take few mins of regular practice to become the writer of the destiny.

If you wish to give it a try you can download this meditation from my site –