I name this article ‘invisible yoga’ not purely to attract the attention of the readers. I mean it. There is a form of yoga which is not visible through our eyes and I want to share some insight about it.
Just like life in general even yoga has a visible and an invisible dimension. We the humans, being sensorially obsessed it’s easy to perceive anything that we can see, touch, hear, smell and taste. This is what we are noticing around us as well. Yoga is redefined by ‘insta-yogis’ in their leggings through the HDR pictures. In the same way various components of yoga which can be perceived by any sense organs are getting due attention. Though we must know that there is another dimension which is beyond these sensorial perceptions.

I am referring to the yoga of feelings, the attitudinal yoga and beyond.

Feelings are not to be confused with thinking, or even an infused or induced sentiment that we cultivate on a yoga mat or in general once we try to get ‘spiritual’.
By the way, my Master will define spirituality not as set of holistic practice but simply a way to connect with the positivity within and around us.
You might wonder at this point then how to practice invisible yoga. I don’t know much on this as I am still a seeker in finding my way into it, but I could share 3 principles which worked for me.

Go beyond the surface.

As they say, truth is one but reality can have many shades, shapes and forms. Every coin has two sides and life do have multiple dimensions/ reality. A questioning mind which is curious to perceive life beyond the surface reality pays in long run. Often it set us free from any ‘sticky attachment’ to a superficial reality.
Next time you ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ something or someone, go a bit deeper within and look for the roots. An attempt to differentiate between surface/ personas with the essence/soul is the work needs to be done.

Silence speaks loud and clear.

Become friend with silence. Install a ‘Noise Reduction’ software within you. Give yourself the permission to unplug form the external stimulus and enter your silence. In east we promote and practice meditation to reach this state. ‘Meditation’ is not a problem solving ritual, rather it’s just creating the much needed space where we can hear the inner wisdom whispering to us.
Start with a minute or two of silence time, and if you enjoy the silence feel free to increase it.

Observe nature.

There won’t be any greater teacher than nature, yet nature is ignored and most of the time abused or tailored to suit our needs and whims of our mind.

If you can find a way to bypass the egocentric mind and connect with nature you will be surprised even the simplest act of nature is potent with infinite wisdom.
But then again to bypass the sensorial dimension and to connect with the subtle & unseen is not the easiest task to accomplish.

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