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Yoga Therapy
The journey into Yoga is different for every one of us. With this in mind, I am inviting you to private yoga sessions. Think of this private practice as the time you give yourself to grow, the therapy your soul is seeking.


Yoga Schedule  – JUNE 3rd – 28Th


          HATHA YOGA PRANAYAMA- Level 1 7:00 am -8:30 am

Restorative Satyananda Yoga with Tamara  – 18:00 – 19:15 (ONLINE and OFFLINE)


         SATYANANDA YOGA & PRATYAHARA  – 19.30 – 21:00


        HATHA YOGA PRANAYAMA- Level 2  19:30 am -21:00 am


        HATHA YOGA and DHARANA   7:00 am -8:30 am

         Mantra Meditation & Fire Ceremony – 18:30 – 19:30 (ONLINE  – FREE EVENT


`          No classes




During this period of post pandemic we offer you a Yoga schedule that’s more adaptive to your needs and wishes.

*All courses are ONLINE and OFFLINE . For more info about the courses please inquire at Avisek +0723347206.


Summer Yoga Camp 3rd – 28th June

This is the vision that motivates me to create the Yoga & Meditation Summer Camp! 🧘‍♀️🌿
Come June, immerse yourself in doing the practice, nothing but the practice in the classical traditional way supported by the insights from neuroscience and somatic psychology. Join me every week for four times virtually or in-person from Prakriti School of Yoga or from an outdoor location for the Yoga and Meditation Summer camp.
Give yourself the opportunity to go through the transformation.
🌱 Yoga Summer Camp Highlights:
Weekly Yoga Sessions:
Delve into traditional practices tailored to nurture your physical and mental health, suitable for all levels.
Meditation Practices:
Experience guided sessions focusing on Yoga Nidra & Antar Mouna to calm the mind and cultivate inner peace.
Interactive Sessions:
Engage in workshops where neuroscience and yoga intersect, offering practical insights into how these practices impact your brain and behaviour.
Somatic Wellness Sessions:
Learn to listen and respond to your body’s signals through somatic practices that enhance emotional and physical health.
📅 Dates: 3rd June – 28th June
📍 Location: Prakriti School of Yoga or via Zoom
⏰ Time:
Monday – Morning – 07:00 – 8:30
Tuesday – Evening – 19:30 – 21:00
Thursday – Evening – 19:30 – 21:00
Friday – Morning – 07:00 – 08:30
Contribution: 950 Lei / 190 Euro ( Early bird – 750 Lei / 150 Euro when paid till 25th May)
💬 Register Now!: Whats App Avi @ 40723347206


Comprehension Meditative Course II (April 5th – May 10th)

Time: 19:30- 21.00

In today’s world, mental hygiene is a necessity to tap into our optimal potential. Yet we often fail to master this skill and apply it appropriately.
To be a meditator is not a matter of motivation or willingness, rather the biggest challenge is to know how to overcome the inbuilt resistance a.k.a. ‘Somatic Resistance’ that our own body and mind offers us.
One of the prerequisites to advance in most of the meditative practices is to have a well-developed ‘interoception’ skills; the ability to become aware of our internal bodily sensations so we can navigate with ease our inner universe.

‘Somatic resistance’ often gets activated due to our accumulated past negative experiences, and our mind and body manifests it through physical discomfort or avoidance of tuning into the sensations due to psychological or physiological factors.

The good news is Yoga helps in overcoming somatic resistance.

As truth must be told, I have experienced it myself for years till I learnt how to reprogram the body and mind and to modulate neural behavior.

Yoga encourages us to explore our physical limitations with compassion and mindfulness. By approaching postures with a sense of curiosity rather than judgment, we learn to work with our bodies rather than against them. This mindful approach cultivates a sense of acceptance and appreciation for the body’s innate wisdom, fostering a deeper understanding of its needs and limitations.

With a deeper connection between mind and body, promoting relaxation, enhancing awareness, and cultivating mindfulness, yoga empowers us to navigate the complexities of our internal landscape with grace and ease.

_In the Comprehensive Meditation Course*, I will share with you my own experience as a contemplative practitioner and tools I learnt from Yoga & Psychology on how you can communicate better with your neurobiology to lower somatic resistance.
• Why does your body resist you to perform contemplative practices?
• How to convince the body to become meditative
• Movement as meditation
• Sensorial expansion through meditation
• Antar Mouna (similar to Vipassana Meditation technique)
• Progression in Breath work as pre meditation
• Yoga Nidra – for somatic relaxation
• Dharana Practices I (introduction to concentration practices)

Contribution: 600 Ron / 120 Euro

*The course is suitable for anyone who practiced some form of meditation previously (even in an irregular frequency) and for those who took part in the previous Comprehensive Meditation course.


How to attend: 

Prakriti School of Yoga (strada Luceafarului nr 1-3, Dumbravita, Timis)

Online attendance via Zoom

Equipment: comfortable, yet decent clothes; yoga mat / big towel; smartphone / tablet /laptop charged and with a stable internet connection; enough privacy and isolation from other people, pets or sources of noise that might disturb your practice

Duration: 75-90 minutes

Subscription: 150 lei (30 EUR)  for 4 sessions (1 month validity) – easy payment with Revolut; single entry 50 lei (10 EUR)


To register for classes with Avisek send a WhatsApp @  +40723347206 or  email –

To register for classes with Tamara send a WhatsApp@ +40746239166 or email-

Most of our classes are held in English as our student community includes residents of US, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Austria, France, Belgium, Spain, India etc.

And if you want to start practicing some of the meditation and relaxation techniques, visit his recordings in the shop section of this site.


Intermediate Yoga Course – Module II (April 4th – May 23rd)

Time : 19.30 – 21:30

This concise course module aims to take a spiritual aspirant into the deeper dimensions of yogic science.

This course is open ONLY for the sincere students who are willing to deepen their sadhana through Hatha & Raja Yoga and are interest in studying yogic scriptures.

Topics –
Five dimension of awareness in postures
Yoga sutras of Hatha Yoga
Intermediate asanas & Therapeutic approach
Intermediate Pranayamas
Niyamas & Yamas of Hatha Yoga
Raja Yoga sutras
Intermediate pranayamas
Ajapa Japa & Yoga Nidra
April 4th – ONLINE
April 11th – ONLINE
April 18th – ONLINE & OFFLINE
April 23rd – ONLINE & OFFLINE

Contribution :750 Lei / 150 Euro

To register for any of the above courses, please send me your full name and location. IF there is any health condition, please share that too.


A retreat is an opportunity to have an intense immersion into the experience of Yoga. Therefore, we choose peaceful places to retreat and practice together, in the nature’s heart. Retreats happen in Romania, Greece and India, around the practice of Hatha Yoga an all its detoxification and energy balancing techniques.

Each retreat experience is designed to offer you an alternative way of living:

  • Digital & noise detox
  • Yoga sessions – outdoor and indoor
  • Theoretical sessions
  • Meditation
  • Purification rituals
  • Meeting new interesting people from our community
  • Lots of fun

Next retreat

Mt. Kailash Spiritual Voyage , 16th July- 31st July 2024

15th January through 27th Jan 2023


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(Sanyasi Mangaldharma)

Satyananda Yoga teachers in Romania

Satyananda Yoga is an internationally renown integral yoga system based on the teachings propagated by an important lineage of teachers from India. It incorporates practices derived from ancient sources, presented to the modern society in a practical and scientific form: Hatha yoga, Pranayama / breathing, meditation (Pratiahara, Dharana, Dhiana), stress management, mindfulness.

Prakriti Shool of Yoga was created by Avi (Avisek Majumdar) in 2008, inspired by his Guru. Over the years, some of the dedicated yoga students became teachers. Together they are teaching Hatha Yoga classes in Bucuresti, Timisoara and online, to make the healing power of yoga accessible to everybody.

Tamara Nistor