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Yoga Therapy
The journey into Yoga is different for every one of us. With this in mind, I am inviting you to private yoga sessions. Think of this private practice as the time you give yourself to grow, the therapy your soul is seeking.


Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga / Meditation

Monday: 19:00-20:30, Hatha Yoga (all levels)


07:00-08:15, Sunrise Yoga (all levels)

20:00-21:15, Raja Yoga / Meditation

Wednesday: 19:00-20:30, Hatha Yoga (all levels)


07:00-08:15, Sunrise Yoga (all levels)

20:00-21:15, Raja Yoga / Meditation

Friday: 19:00-20:30, Hatha Yoga (all levels)


Download recorded guided practices for a daily use to explore your emotions and subconscious mind:

•Antar Darshan

•Yoga Nidra – short and full versions


A retreat is an opportunity to have an intense immersion into the experience of Yoga. Therefore, we choose peaceful places to retreat and practice together, in the nature’s heart. Retreats happen in Romania, Greece and India, around the practice of Hatha Yoga an all its detoxification and energy balancing techniques.

Each retreat experience is designed to offer you an alternative way of living:

  • Digital & noise detox
  • Yoga sessions – outdoor and indoor
  • Theoretical sessions
  • Meditation
  • Purification rituals
  • Meeting new interesting people from our community
  • Lots of fun

Next retreat

Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga and Safari Retreat

08 – 20 April 2020


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(Sanyasi Mangaldharma)

Satyananda Yoga teachers in Romania

Satyananda Yoga is an internationally renown integral yoga system based on the teachings propagated by an important lineage of teachers from India. It incorporates practices derived from ancient sources, presented to the modern society in a practical and scientific form: Hatha yoga, Pranayama / breathing, meditation (Pratiahara, Dharana, Dhiana), stress management, mindfulness.

Prakriti Shool of Yoga was created by Avi (Avisek Majumdar) in 2008, inspired by his Guru. Over the years, some of the dedicated yoga students became teachers. Together they are teaching Hatha Yoga classes in Bucuresti, Timisoara and online, to make the healing power of yoga accessible to everybody.

Dana Kiss

(Durga Shakti)

Cristina Lorincz

(Karuna Tirtha)

Florin Valcu


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