Complementary to the weekly classes, we organize on a regular basis workshops on a wide range of subjects, conducted by international Satyananda Yoga teachers with a vast experience. These events are recommended for both beginners and intermediate students. The content of the workshop includes an optimal combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, which helps each participant to develop a better understanding on yoga.

Some of the workshops organized until now:

“Prana Vidya”

Swami Anandananda Saraswati (Italy), March2014

“Breath, Brain and Body Balance”

Swami Samnyasananda (Australia), July 2013

Pranayama Workshop

Swami Mudrarupa and Swami Omgyanam (Serbia), March 2013

“Yoga in Daily Life”

Swami Kriyatma and Swami Omteertha (Australia), July 2012

“Developing Awareness with Satyananda Yoga”

Sannyasi Atmatatva and Sannyasin Achyutananda, 2011

We are thankful to the teachers who have visited our centers and shared their knowledge & inspiration with the Romanian students.