These classes are taught by Sn. Mangaldharma, either as a “1-1” (1 instructor – 1 student) or in small groups of 4-6 students.


Time: Monday to Saturday.
Location: Div-ya Spa, Piata Romanilor, Nr.4, Ap.2, Timisoara.


Time: Sunday
Location: Estudio Tango Real, Bd. Pache Protopopescu 30.


Prior booking is needed. Please contact Sn. Mangaldharma (0723 347 206).

Types of personalized yoga sessions

1. Introduction to Yoga (45 Min)

Satyananda Yoga is open to all and can be started at any age! Beginner sessions initiate the participant in traditional yoga techniques and create the foundation for the next level. Each session uses postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to induce a state of well being for body and mind.

2. Introduction to Meditation (45 min)

For thousands of years, the practice of meditation has gifted us prosperity and health. When meditation is done in a step by step scientific manner it brings positive results by relaxing the mind, improving the health and creativity within us. In this session, meditation is taught in a progressive manner depending on the temperament of the practitioner.

3. Stress Management (60 min)

Stress is an epidemic to the present society and Yoga acts as the vaccine. A stress management class induces a deep state of relaxation in the mind & body through the practice of simple yogic postures, breathing exercise and meditation. By the end of the session one experience a state of immunity towards day to day stress factors and a deeper sense of calmness and tranquility is developed which makes one feel happier too. To participate in this session prior knowledge of Yoga is not needed.

4. Detox through Yoga (45/60 Min)

In this age of pollution and unhealthy eating, cleaning techniques help maintain health and vitality, contributing to increased longevity. Yoga recommended cleaning processes are the most natural way to eliminate the “waste” inside. They are designed to cleanse your nose, upper gastrointestinal tract and whole intestine. Cleaning is done preferably early morning on an empty stomach with salty, warm water.

5. Yoga Therapy (60 min)

Illness is the resultant of imbalance in the body, mind & emotions. Yoga therapies aim to restore the harmony and balance within us. Various chronic disease like diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, digestive problems, chronic back/ joint pain, thyroid problem, obesity, low immunity are being managed for hundreds of years in India with Yoga Therapy. Yoga gives you the power to heal yourself in a natural and holistic way. Individualized practice programs are designed depending on physical limitations of the practitioner. To participate in this session prior knowledge of Yoga is not needed.

6. Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga (60 min )

Prenatal sessions help mothers who want to improve both their health status and well-being of the fetus. Slow movement and meditation help the harmonious development of the fetus. Postnatal sessions meet the most acute needs of mothers: lose surplus weight gained during pregnancy, eliminating back pain, energize and vitalize, etc.