What happens during a yoga class?

A beginner’s yoga session includes a mix of asanas (body postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and pratyahara (relaxation). Simple yoga practices are included gradually. The awareness is to be kept on the posture and the movements are to be synchronized with the breath.

My body is stiff. Can I practice yoga?

Of course! As a beginner, you will learn simple postures that will make your body more fit. On the mental and emotional plane, these postures induce relaxation. Keep in mind that when the body is relaxed, it gradually loses its rigidity.

I have health problems. Can I practice yoga?

Yoga is an ancient science created to preserve and restore the holistic health of each human being. Yoga not only helps to prevent disease but also to address them. It is used in a therapeutic way both in India and in other countries.

What should I bring with me?

You will need a yoga mat and a bottle of water.

Is it allowed to eat before the class?

Traditionally, yoga is to be practiced on empty stomach. Otherwise, you have to wait at least two hours after taking the meal.

What kind of clothes are suitable for practicing yoga?

Comfortable clothes made ​​of cotton are the best. It is important to feel good in them so that you can move freely.

What language is used during the classes?

Courses are held in English with some translations in Romanian. Most practices are demonstrated by the teacher or a student. Beginner level of English is enough.

Can I keep my mobile on during the class?

Mobile phones must be swithched off during the class. Exceptionally, in case of an emergency, silent mode is accepted.