1) We respect the moral, social, cultural and religious values of our students and we don’t discriminate based on gender, age, sexual preference, disability, race, religion or political belief.

2) We don’t encourage or force our students to change their life style or to renounce their social and personal responsibilities in order to attend yoga classes. Yoga is not about creating disbalance in our lives but about bringing more harmony and positivity. Also, yoga is not a way to escape our problems but a means to find more clarity and discrimination in dealing with them.

3) For us, the teacher-student relationship has priority above any other type of relationship. We respect our students and don’t try to use the authority of our role to manipulate or influence them for our own gain.

4) We promote only realistic benefits of practicing yoga and we try as much as possible to avoid any misleading or sensational statements likely to exploit students’ emotions or fears.

5) Any form of sexual behaviour (seductive speech, gestures and behaviour including physical contact of a sexual nature) between teacher and student is unacceptable.