Every autumn we organize a spiritual journey to the Bihar School of Yoga ashrams in India. The trip is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with the source of the Satyananda Yoga tradition, to live in a spiritual environment and to receive inspiration from the masters of this tradition. The ashram environment combined with the simple and disciplined lifestyle are beneficial for introspection and self knowledge, helping to remove certain mental obstacles which are out of our awareness while living in society.

The learning process in ashram is not theoretical or intellectual; each individual is given the chance to imbibe teachings that help his wisdom gradually unfold from within. Staying in ashram for some time is essential in order to understand the deeper aspects of yoga and to implement yoga in one’s own life, “beyond the mat”. Much emphasis is put on karma yoga, the yoga of selfless action, an essential path for purifying the mind and heart.

Ganga Darshan Ashram

The ashram is situated in a beautiful area, on the top of a hill overlooking the Ganges, in Munger, Bihar, North India. In 2004, Dr Abdul Kalam, president of India, gave the name “City of yoga” to the small town of Munger , as a result of the important role attributed to this place in disseminating the yoga teachings all over the world. It is here that Swami Satyananda started the yogic renaissance in 1964 with the foundation of Bihar School of Yoga. His vision has become reality,  Satyananda Yoga system is nowadays recognized internationally for its scientific, practical and systematic approach. Ganga Darshan ashram has evolved along the years into a dynamic center of study, visited by students from all nations.


Rikhiapeeth Ashram

If Munger is a place of training and study, Rikhia is a center of seva, or selfless service. The Rikhiapeeth ashram is situated in one of the most remote and neglected places in India, in the rural part of the state Jarkhand. The  ashram activities are focused on building foundations for long-term sustainable improvements in the local communities.  It oversees projects which give hope, dreams and opportunities to these simple people. The slogan “Serve. Love. Give”, inspired by Swami Sivananda, is a practical guideline for the lifestyle of residents and visitors alike. Rikhiapeeth ashram is a vibrant place which attracts like a magnet spiritual seekers from India and abroad.